When you can’t meet face-to-face, live-stream

By March 4, 2020Communication, Video

The Coronavirus is the latest threat to businesses world-wide. Multinational corporations are now banning international travel to protect their employees from being exposed to the disease.

Corporate event planners and hoteliers are reporting scores of cancellations in conventions, association meetings, and incentive programs through 2021. Even the Olympics Committee are debating delaying the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo or even cancelling them outright.

For companies who are accustomed to meetings face-to-face, the burden of protecting their employees and clients means having to change the way they do business. Fortunately, live-streaming provides an efficient, cost-effective way to connect with your employees and clients.

Affordable and Feature Rich

If you want to get your message to people gathered in a remote office or direct to individual screens and you want to pay less than flying employees to a location to meet no technology is as effective as live-streaming. Additionally, live chat, live polling, and video Q&A give you dynamic options for making your event interactive.

Unlike video conferencing solutions, live-streaming with professional camera operators means that you can focus viewer attention in a media-rich, memorable, and engaging way.

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